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Pastor Sam and Angela Moyd are God’s visionaries for the current efforts at ZOE Christian Center Ministries. Called by God from Oxnard, California in 1994 to serve as pastors of ZOE Christian Center Lawton, OK. Starting with just 7 faithful people, their consistent obedience to God has taken the ZOE Congregation from glory to glory.  During these years, Pastor Sam and Angela’s uncompromising and bold teachings of God’s word and unrelenting community efforts have helped to change the lives of many


To accommodate the growth of church membership, 3 acres of land was purchased in 1997.  Pastor Moyd and several of the men in the church worked hard and long to build phase one of the ministry, a new 5,200 square foot church which would seat over 350 people.  What followed was phase two, the purchase of 24 acres, which now holds the worship center and a 10,000 square foot castle built to accommodate the growth of the church and it's children's ministry. Phase three plans are currently in the works and includes a unique development that will be home to a 5,000 seat church auditorium, Sam Moyd Ministries, a Bible Training Center facility – training Ambassadors to go into all the world, teaching the uncompromising word of God, as well as facilities, programs and enterprises to meet local community needs – for housing & economic development, education, job training and self-empowerment.


Making a Difference

The hallmark of our Pastors ministry is their compelling love through Christ for hurting people. Their compassion is evident and their talk is more than spiritual – offering people both the hope of the gospel message and the practical demonstration of it through reaching beyond the four walls of the church into their community.


Pastor Sam and Angela made a commitment to God when they arrived in Lawton Oklahoma to reach out and serve the most needy neighborhoods, seeking to equip, empower and unite individuals and families.  The ministry and all those involved have made a lasting, powerful, highly positive impact on the communities served. The mission is to deliver practical yet innovative, state-of-the-art, comprehensive community-based outreach services to disadvantaged neighborhoods, while providing leadership and a positive vision to the people of this community.  Current community projects are focused on the broad area of educational revitalization, family renewal, health reinvigoration and housing redevelopment.


Pastor Sam earned his Master of Theology Degree from Christian Life Bible College and his  Doctorate degree from St. Tomas Christian College.  Both he and Pastor Angela are 1980 graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center, and have served in the Ministry for over 30 years.  Through the ministry of Pastor Sam and Angela Moyd, people are discovering their destinies.  Consequently, this anointed man and woman are advancing the Kingdom of God in a whole new way.



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